27 International Sculpture Conference Day 1, part 2

The second tour took place at Zahner. “For over 120 years Zahner has pushed the limits of metal craft and design. Truly at the intersection of art and architecture their team of expert artisans, engineers, and craftspeople bring decades of knowledge to each project with a focused, collaborative approach.” They have worked with such architects like Frank Gehry and the late Zaha Hadid, along with numerous sculptors ie: Jan Hendrix, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Anthony Howe, Suikang Zhao and the late Sol LeWitt. Their concerns go beyond the fabrication and Installation with Metalabs a Zahner affliliate to ensure the longevity of their metal works through maintenance and restoration services. They are in the final phase of their new office building. Not ones to do anything in a less than extraordinarily innovated way, they willingly test their new concepts on themselves with the aluminum and zinc clad structure. The interior space is spectacular with an exposed sculptural structure, raised metal rimmed compressed concrete tiles that hide wires, heating etc. that can be reconfigured if needed. Unfortunately my pictures do not do the exterior justice, as the shadowed ripples were not visible to the naked eye. Coincidentally the president of the company parents live in Toronto around St Clair Avenue West.   azahner.com


27 International Sculpture Conference Day 1, part 2

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