Day 3, Continued: Mixers at SMoCA and Bollinger Atelier & Scottsdale Public Art Tour

After the James Turrel’s piece everything else seemed to pale by comparison, however I will continue my journey into the night. SMoCA, ( the only permanent museum dedicated solely to contemporary arts in the state of Arizona).  housed 3 immersive installation pieces by Bruce Monroe that were also quite experiential  and I rather liked. They are difficult to capture being comprised of light,  film and sound. If interested you should visit his web site:


There was an exhibition of neon and light housed in their beautiful library designed by Will Bruder who also worked with James Turrell on Skyscape Knights Rise and along with James Carpenter defining the art and architecture volumes of SMoCA. A delight of forms, materials and colours.

The Art walk was rather ho hum save for the Bruce Monroe temporary installation on the canal composed of fishing rods and lures. They were 12 feet in diameter each and were illuminated. The evening concluded at the Bollinger Atelier, which I have often seen advertised in SCULPTURE magazine so it was interesting to visit their facilities. Another exhausting albeit stimulating day at the conference. Time at long last  to rest before the final day.


Day 3, Continued: Mixers at SMoCA and Bollinger Atelier & Scottsdale Public Art Tour

Janet Echelman’s floating net sculpture. “PATIENCE” Phoenix Civic Space Park

I skipped the gallery hop and opted instead to go to see this sculpture with Roseanne. It really is quite beautiful at night, however it lacks presence in the day time. I am not sure how the colour separations were achieved with the coloured lights projected onto its surface, especially the coral part that travels through its interior, I saw no such colour coming from any of the lights. What I could not capture is the elaborate suspension system employed to make this piece float.